We achieve so much more working together


Our strategic role for the Woking Schools Learning Partnership (WSLP) is to build a community of learners; to develop leaders at all levels in order to transform learning and leadership capacity across our Partnership.

WSLP has created its aims around the Surrey Primary Vision and wants to provide an excellent education for all children in Woking. Effective collaborative is instrumental in raising standards.

As a Partnership and leaders in education we work together to navigate the future and explore new ideas together to find a way to apply to our own unique contexts.

Through collaboration these lead to creating future possibilities; we inspire and challenge one another into action that leads to results.

The WSLP organises a variety of professional and developmental learning opportunities and offers learning opportunities through a mix of expert input, action research and school to school enquiry.

We share initiatives that involve the whole school community teaching and non-teaching staff, governors, children and families.

Chair - Mrs Sue Tresilian Sythwood Primary School
Surrey GU21 3AX

Woking School Learning Partnership Administrator - Mrs Adie Gould Telephone - 07891 282 799

Email Address admin@wslp.co.uk