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Early Years

The early year’s sector is hugely important to the Woking Schools Learning Partnership. The work carried out by practitioners working with our youngest children provides the foundation for outstanding learning across our borough. The confederation seeks not only to celebrate but also to support and guide this important phase, ensuring that the children in Woking are given the best possible start in their education journey.

Therefore, In September 2012 the confederation established its early year’s group. With the aims and intentions of learning from one another's good practice, honing and extending practitioner skills and establishing a common goal for excellence within the early years sector, the group has already seen much success.

Over thirty early years practitioners, including teachers, nursery nurses and learning support assistants, from across the borough have attended the meetings, which are held every half term at a 'host' school. An active steering committee takes on board the CPD and training wish list of all members when deciding upon the itinerary for the year’s meetings and approaching schools from within the group to host.

Recent meetings have sought to; Re-ignite practitioner’s passion for outdoor learning, develop a secure awareness of how to effectively support vulnerable groups within the early years, and lessen the assessment workload through the sharing of technological advances.

With all the recent and rapid changes being made, both to the curriculum and to assessment procedures, the early year’s sector could have felt like a confusing and concerning place to be working. However many of our members have reported that being part of the group has given them increased confidence and reassurance when tackling the new challenges and changes.

In the classroom we see the greatest impact on children's understanding and attainment take place when they learn collaboratively with their peers. As adults, we too, can learn so much from the skills and abilities of our colleagues. Therefore the early year’s group is an open forum where the initiatives of all are welcome and the skills of all are celebrated.

Chair - Mrs Sue Tresilian Sythwood Primary School
Surrey GU21 3AX

Woking School Learning Partnership Administrator - Mrs Adie Gould Telephone - 07891 282 799

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