We achieve so much more working together


The Woking Schools Learning Partnership formed in September 2012, having previously been known as Woking Schools Confederation, which was formed in 2006. It is a partnership of the 33 schools in Woking Borough.

This includes four secondary schools, 1 pupil referral unit and 3 schools for pupils with special educational needs. We are working collaboratively to raise the standards of achievement and attainment across the 3 – 19 age ranges.

The vision for Woking Schools Learning Partnership is to secure an outstanding educational system for all children in Woking.

We are committed to a partnership where goals are ambitious, partners come from a range of organisations and diversity is embraced within Woking and all its schools.

Together we will achieve the best outcomes for all Woking children by:

  • Improving participation and engagement in the best education for all children in Woking.
  • collaboration and partnership working with the Local Authority to shape a more localised way of learning.
  • Raise achievement so that every school has the highest ambition for all their children and drives their own improvement.

Chair - Mrs Sue Tresilian Sythwood Primary School
Surrey GU21 3AX

Woking School Learning Partnership Administrator - Mrs Adie Gould Telephone - 07891 282 799

Email Address admin@wslp.co.uk